Go Army Bad Guys

A remixed commercial targeting the US Army’s use of torture in Iraq and around the world. The video (re)creates a military recruitment television ad to expose army atrocities as well as highlight the disturbing normalization and acceptance of torture in the collective consciousness of American youth.

The remix is an example of an Identity Correction ad, a term borrowed from political pranksters The Yes Men. Identity Correction functions in Political Remix Videos by mimicking and often appropriating the advertisements of powerful institutions in order to change or “correct” their carefully constructed PR image. I premiered this remix at the 24/7 DIY Video Summit in Los Angeles, February 2008.  I was also curating a screening of Political Remix Video at the event which was put on by USC.

Remix Source Media: US Army ads, TBS TV promo for “Bad Guys Week”, clips from the movie Rendition and the documentary film Taxi to the Dark Side, plus several other short clips recorded off television.

You can also see these and other remixes on my Blip.tv and YouTube channels.

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