The Real Power of Human Energy

Another identity correction remix that turns Chevron’s multi-million dollar Human Energy “greenwashing” PR blitz on its head. Though the video targets Chevron Oil and their Orwellian “Human Energy” campaign, it also focuses more broadly on corporate control of global oil supplies and the connection to brutal American foreign policy. In this corrected commercial the company’s true nature is exposed for what it is, a heartless profit-driven oil machine. The Chevron corporation is not only an ecological catastrophe around the world but still does business with the Burma dictatorship, has oil contracts in war-torn Iraq and is responsible for human rights atrocities in the Niger Delta, among other unpleasant and nasty things.

Remix Source Media: Chevron TV ads, US Army ads, BBC News, Discovery Channel’s Future Weapons, the TV show CSI plus several other short clips recorded off television.

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