Presenting at the IP/Gender Symposium 2009


I’m excited and honored to be invited to give a presentation at the IP/Gender Symposium at American University Washington College of Law in DC. The conference will take place April 24th 2009 and the theme this year is “Female Fan Cultures and Intellectual Property” and the event is co-sponsored by the Center for Social Media and the Organization for Transformative Works – if you are not already familiar with OTW check out their site and journal online. My contribution to the symposium will be a talk and presentation of collected online remix videos with themes of gender and sexuality as well as remix videos on other political topics transformed by female identified creators. Update – my presentation will be on Thursday, April 23. 7:15pm.

I’m often of two minds when speaking about gender. On the one hand, as a man, I am conscious that I take up space otherwise filled by women. On the other hand though I feel it is incredibly important for men (especially white and/or straight identified men) to stand up and visibly advocate feminist, anti-racist and queer-positive positions. With that in mind I am privileged and especially thrilled to participate in this convention!

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