Speaking at the Open Video Conference

openvideoconference-dk-lgI’m excited to be participating in the Open Video Conference at NYU later this month (June 19th and 20th). During the event I will be giving a short presentation detailing my creative and technical process in hacking pop culture. Basically it will be a quick tour highlighting some of the tricks and tools I use to transform mass media and create political remix videos.  I will also be moderating a panel called “Who Owns Popular Culture? Remix and Fair-Use in the Age of Corporate Mass Media” which promises to be a fascinating discussion.

A little more about the event: “Open Video is more than just open codecs. It’s the growing movement for transparency, interoperability, and further decentralization in online video. These qualities provide more fertile ground for independent producers, bottom-up innovation, and greater protection for free speech online. The conference will showcase awesome cultural works, inspiring talks, and cool tech demos from around the world.”

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