Villains Agree: Chevron Print Ad Spoofs

In late 2010, the Chevron corporation rolled out their new “We Agree” advertising campaign. I guess it was meant to present Chevron as a common sense oriented yet pragmatic and caring mega conglomerate. Needless to say it comes across as a desperate and failed attempt at human authenticity. The fail reached epic proportions when the ad campaign was leaked and punk’d by political pranksters The Yes Men even before it officially launched. The Yes Men then put out a call to artists, remixes and pranksters to create more “We Agree” spoofs. Below are a handful of my contributions to the corporate-culture jamming project starring some of the greatest pop-culture villains of all time.

Chevron & Muppet Sam the Eagle "We Agree" Ad

Chevron & Gollum "We Agree" Ad Chevron & Parker Selfridge "We Agree" AdChevron & Mr Burns: "We Agree" Chevron & Quark "We Agree" Ad Chevron & Bizarro Superman "We Agree" AdChevron & Cobra Commander "We Agree" AdChevron & Voldemort "We Agree"

See the full collection of 11 Chevron villains in my flickr gallery.

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