Donald Duck Remix Featured on Virgin America Airlines

If you happen to fly Virgin America airlines this spring make sure to check your on-board TV for my Donald Duck meets Glenn Beck remixed cartoon. I recently received news that the remix will be featured on the BoingBoing TV channel throughout February and March of 2011. Thanks to the good folks at and to Joe Sabia from Whirled for including my work in the spring lineup!

Sadly I don’t fly Virgin America as much as I’d like because the airline is stationed in international terminal A at SFO which is now graced with a grand total of four full-body backscatter scanner machines. I used to just opt out of these invasive scanners and get a standard pat down instead, however since the TSA instituted their intrusive groping procedure last year I have tried to avoid terminal A altogether.

The original photo (before my photoshopping in Donald) is by The Food Junkie

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