html5 projects

Here are a few of my recent video remix projects utilizing the HTML5 <video> element and/or the Mozilla PopcornJS framework.

The Gendered Advertizing Remixer App

In a nutshell this media literacy tool lets you swap the audio and video from TV commercials directed at boys with those directed at girls and vice versa. Simply drag and drop clips from the library of highly gendered toy ads to create new hilarious and insightful fair use mashups. We currently have the HTML5 demo version up and running. [read more]

Pop-Up Video Style Data Layering

buffy popup video posterA demonstration of real time data layering on top of my 2009 viral remix Buffy vs Edward. The demo in done the style of VH1’s classic Pop-Up Video show and uses the HTML5 <video > element powered by Mozilla’s PopcornJS framework. [read more]

Dynamic Annotation Display for Remix Video

A remixed Donald Duck cartoon utilizing the HTML5 <video> element combined with the Popcorn.js framework to visually annotate the video metadata. The HTML5 video demo will dynamically displays a layer of data referencing the original source materials, links and footnotes in real time at the video plays. [read more]