Indiana Jones and The Case of The Ancient Aliens

Pop Culture Detective: Audio Files
Pop Culture Detective: Audio Files
Indiana Jones and The Case of The Ancient Aliens

Episode 04
In this episode we deconstruct what is probably the worst Steven Spielberg movie – Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. We discuss the film’s misrepresentations of Indigenous peoples and dig into the ways that media tropes about ancient aliens and alien uplift contribute to the problem. Professor of literature and culture Dr. Felicia Lopez lends her expertise to this conversation.

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Show credits
Audio production: Jonathan McIntosh
Intro music: Simon Stålenhag
Outro music: Rick Lopez

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In regards to what your contributor said; As someone who does work in the film art department I would like to take slight issue with the idea that we just do a quick google search when researching a set. In fact we do normally do deep dives into what we are building, however when presenting it we are often pushed to something ‘more cinematic’ from producers or directors etc

Very informative otherwise

All the best

Hi Tom. Fair enough. That push for something “more cinematic” must account for the endless reproduction of Aztec sun stones in places they don’t belong. The stones are indeed very impressive and dynamic looking artifacts. Now that it’s been pointed out to me, I feel like I see one placed in every other ancient ruins scene.

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