The Case of Boba Fett and the Hollywood Western

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The Case of Boba Fett and the Hollywood Western

Episode 06
In this episode, we investigate The Book of Boba Fett and discuss how this new Star Wars series pulls many of its themes and motifs directly from old Hollywood Westerns, including a few regressive tropes popular in that genre. Friend of the show and professor of clinical law, Carl Williams, joins the conversation.

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I think that part of the lore of Boba Fett comes from his first scene in ESB. Vader has assembled a bunch of bounty hunters to help search for the Millenium Falcon, and tells them “You are free to use any methods necessary, but I want them alive.” He then stops in front of Boba Fett, looks directly at him, points at him, and makes the point *to Boba Fett* “No disintegrations!” – in what sounds like a slightly more menacing tone than his usual menacing tone.

It’s not much, but there’s kind of an implication there that Fett has worked for Vader before, and has irked him by being too kill-happy on a previous job.

Too kill-happy. For Darth Vader. But good enough at his job that Vader not only didn’t force choke him for disobeying instructions, but is willing to hire him again.

It’s thin, and you have to read a lot into it yourself (but no-one has ever claimed that Star Wars fans aren’t masters of that), but I think that’s where some of the “He must be a total bad-ass” comes from.

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