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Gaming Footage & Copyright Panel at TwitchCon

I recently spoke on a panel at TwitchCon 2015 entitled “Can We Just Play? The Legality of Let’s Play Video and Streams.” I was joined by Art Neil and Teri Karobonik of New Media Rights (a great organization where I serve as an advisory board member). We discussed a range of issues surrounding the fair use of video game […]

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YouTube Features Donald Duck Meets Glenn Beck As an Example of Fair Use Remix

Recently YouTube featured one of my videos on their copyright page as an example of fair use remix. I’m always excited to see my transformative remix work used in educational materials to further the understanding of the fair use doctrine. Since it was first published in 2010 Donald Duck Meets Glenn Beck in Right Wing […]

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YouTube Space LA: The Ethics of Parody Remix

In December 2013, I was invited to give a lecture at the YouTube Space in Los Angeles on my transformative storytelling work, highlighting the fair use questions that arise when remixing video footage for the purposes of parody. As part of my presentation, I also talked about the ethics of appropriation for the purposed of parody (beyond the […]

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Donald Duck Remix Featured on Virgin America Airlines

If you happen to fly Virgin America airlines this spring make sure to check your on-board TV for my Donald Duck meets Glenn Beck remixed cartoon. I recently received news that the remix will be featured on the BoingBoing TV channel throughout February and March of 2011. Thanks to the good folks at and […]

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Panels at the Dominican Republic Global Film Festival

I had the honor of giving two presentations last weekend in Santo Domingo at the Dominican Republic Global Film Festival 2010 – both in conjunction with my friend Eugenio del Bosque Gómez of Cine Las Americas. The first panel was about Short Films on the Web and highlighted new online tools and distribution platforms used […]

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