Video from Talk at Ars Electronica 2008

Here is the video of my talk on Political Remix Video at Ars Electronica 2008 in Linz Austria for the New Cultural Economy Symposium IV. The title of the presentation is “Building a Critical Culture with Political Remix Video” and there is a youtube playlist on my user page including all the videos I present in case you want to favorite, comment on or share them.

I try to showcase Political Remix Videos that, I think, transcend the standard topics of government, elections or policy and instead highlight issues of racism, injustice, environment and mainstream media. I felt it was important to present and discuss works that focus on issues relevant to marginalized and oppressed communities inside the United States – specifically videos by Jackie Reem Salloum, The Black Lantern and Theodore Lyons.

I would also like to note that at the beginning of my talk I neglected to include a shout-out to the African American hip-hop communities that perfected and popularized remix as a art form and helped infuse it into our culture over the past several decades. An important point that, I think, should be included in any discussion of remix culture. Oh and in the talk I mispronounce Aaron Valdez’s name, apologies for that Aaron.

You can watch my talk above or via the video stream coming directly from the Ars website in wmp format.

For a good round-up of the rest Ars Electonica 2008 check out the report for Rhizome by Jonah Brucker-Cohen who I met while in Linz.

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